Project Exploration Wishlist Moving Forward

Already into the third month of 2021, and ideas are percolating on the Ground Truths collaborative project possibilities! The main theme that is running through all the conversations I am having with my colleagues and community-based organizations is that racism is the underlying culprit aka poison that has created all the social and environmental conditions. What is resonating within me tonight is how our mobility as Black Lives and BIPOC has “really” been shaped aka altered per our psyche, compared to our White neighbors, friends, colleagues and White America – when we step outdoors?

Also, it makes me go down the rabbit-hole on how does this reality feed off of our withheld historical past? 1619, the 1740 Negro Law, the Fugitive Slave Act 1793 and 1850, the Supreme Court’s 1857 Dred Scott vs.Sandford decision, and the 1876 Turf Protection Law… – and the not so distant Senate Bill 1070 passed in Arizona, in 2010, and the enacted House Bill 2281…, to name a few of the horrific injustices that have oppressed Black Life for over 400 years.

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