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Ground Truths Network was founded by a dedicated community leader Yolanda Davis-Overstreet, M.A. Her background in growing regenerative relationships and community organizing around the needs and concerns in communities of color has been organically spreading across our neighborhoods and country over the past ten years.

Yolanda doesn’t operate in a box, or norm – believing in the continuum of evolving in this human experience! She went back to graduate school at 55-years-old and received a Master’s in Urban Sustainability at Antioch University, Los Angeles, in their Urban Sustainability Master’s Program (USMA). During her fieldwork research at Advancement Project CA, Yolanda was instrumental in researching and developing a collective policy agenda around equitable, community-based practices to reduce traffic fatalities in Los Angeles.

Her community service work and consulting fall in the areas of community organizing and mobility justice with a focus on pedestrian safety in communities of color. She has executed a range of diverse work assignments as a past marketing and graphic design entrepreneur turned social and environmental activist, in both the private and nonprofit sectors. Yolanda understands what it means to grow-up within a historically marginalized community and the inequities that can and do exist for decades. As a woman of color, mother, a social and environmental activist one of the most vital lessons Yolanda has grown to value in these transformative years is that not only does “her” narrative matter, but equally so does her community’s narrative. BIPOC narratives.

Through her work, Yolanda has learned to take on the role of an adaptive leader, communicator, and artist through the process of continuous comparative and observational research, paired with her key weaponry – “compassion!” Yolanda has a son who is twenty-three, a daughter who is eighteen, as well as the caretaker of her very independent mother who is ninety-eight. She also recently discovered through African Ancestry that her ancestral maternal lineage is with the people living in two African countries today: Bubi people in Bioko Island and Tikar, Hausa, and Fulani people in Cameroon. Yolanda lives and works in traditional and unceded Native American Tongva territory.

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