#BlackLives #BlackMinds

Navigating Through Life as a #BlackLife

The level to which many Black Lives aka Black Minds have been served the “kool-aid” of the American Dream is heartbreaking! We become addicted to this dose of colonized “kool-aid” aka “his-story” aka “extermination of Black Lives Stories!” I was served that same dose daily for almost thirty-something years. And then one day, somehow, someway – there was a break in the servings – that lead me beyond the facade of false narratives onto the path of #truth! A truth that started asking me did I know from whence my narrative came from? Did I know that my existence, my life, wasn’t really valued or heard in this place like I thought it was? I was asked many questions on Black Life, that I had no clue there were even perspectives as such, to view Black Life in America. I guess it goes without saying, that I never looked back upon that facade in which I resided for thirty-something years! I never resume being served the colonized kool-aid! I’d say it takes about the same amount of years to detox from the addiction of a toxic serving of lies and place – to rewire one’s belief system to see “this place” in its entirety, to dismantle the false and narratives of “his-story.” It is truly a #rebirth that occurs, that will then provide one with an entirely altered navigation map on life!

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