Reflecting on Hope & Renewal

Hoping all have moved into this Monday in an intentional and loving kind of way!
So today, just sharing this conversation between two spiritual women leaders that have inspired me on this human experience journey! I started reading Anne Lamott’s books when my kids were babies – so that’s about 20 years ago! Wow! Crazy how time fly’s by!!! I read her books on Grace (eventually), on Faith and the human experience, on writing, and then, on raising children – a book she wrote when she had her son and only child!

I started really diving deep into Caroline Myss’s shared insights by listening to her mystical, spiritual, outside of the religious dogma box messages on her FB page at the onset of COVID19. I actually bought a book she wrote about 6 years ago, starting reading- but put it to the side for whatever reason – probably life’s curveballs. So it’s interesting how life then brought her teachings back to me at the onset of COVID19. #Namaste

Caroline Myss & Anne Lamott: Hope and Renewal – on YouTube. This conversation happened on March 13, 2021.

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